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Bleach: Alternate Twin Chapter 1 Page 3 by Rosie-chan17

I truly love this part.I have only started reading it,but I love the beginnings because they just get better and better. Anyways,you're...

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Director Fury was seated at a desk, his eyes scanning over the contents of a file he held in his grasp. With a shake of his head he tossed the thick folder onto the desk and held the bridge of his nose.

"She's reckless, but always gets the job done. You should give her more credit, Fury." A familiar voice caused the dark skinned male to turn his head and lower his right eye. A tall, muscular, broad shouldered blonde stood at the door with a smile spread across his face. He wore his casual attire: blue tights, brown boots, a blue long sleeved muscle shirt and a black belt.

"I should, but I won't Mr. Rogers. If she wants more credit then she needs to work for it." Fury answered the blue eyed blonde with a straight, serious face. Rogers closed his sapphire colored hues before letting his shoulders slump.

"Yeah well if you ask me, Kamille deserves at least a bit more credit than Natasha and myself. After all, she has those "special" skills that we don't." The blonde shows a slight smirk as the Director folds his arms, leaning back into his chair.

"Just because she can manipulate metals and create high pitched sounds doesn't mean she deserves more credit than you and Romanoff." And with that, Fury stands from his seat and walks past the blonde and heads down the hall.

The sapphire hued male watches as his "boss" disappears around a corner. He then lets out a small sigh before heading to a lab. He stops at the entrance and peers into the large glass window.

A young girl, the age of twenty-two, sits on a counter. Her dark brunette hair pulled back into a ponytail while her left bang covers the left eye. She laughs as a seemingly handsome man tells a joke. This causes the blonde to roll his eyes at the playboy attempting to make a move on the female.

The soldier steps into the large room, his gorgeous hues staring at the three organisms in it. "Look who it is, ole spangled breeches." The playboy chuckles as the blonde glares daggers at him.

"I don't like that nickname Tony, and you know it." He raises his voice, letting all know he's a bit agitated. Tony shrugs and goes back to enhancing his armor.

"But Steve, it's a cute nickname." The dark brunette looks to the blonde, a smile covering her face. The soldier averts his eyes as his cheeks show a slight crimson.

"Thank you Kamille." The female giggles before turning to another man, chatting with him. The blonde scratches his cheek with his finger and closes his eyes.

"Do I really have to put this on Bruce?" The brunette asks as she holds a headband with wires connecting it. The male she refers to as Bruce nods his head before pushing his glasses up onto his face.

"Yes, please Kamille. I wish to undergo further study of what allows you to possess two extraordinary abilities." He shows Kamille a smile and she nods, slipping the headband onto her head.

The blonde soldier watches as Bruce darts here and there from his many electrical devices. His eyes dart from the scientist to the girl, watching as she gets analyzed.

"I'm not sure how I got them. All I know is that they started showing when I was ten." Kamille looks down and sighs. Bruce presses a small button, causing the female to jump in surprise as a small beam scans her. The basic outline of her body appears on a large computer screen, causing the two scientists to raise a brow.

"She seems to contain a slight amount of a chemical unknown to man..." Bruce mutters as he continues scanning over the female's body on the screen. Tony rolls his eyes.

"Yeah sure, well when you're done with that Kamille, do you want to grab lunch?" The playboy shows a sly grin as he eyes the female, causing her to keep quiet.

"Sorry Tony, but I promised Steve I'd grab coffee with him." Kamille looks to the male before glancing to the blonde soldier, who shows a smile. Tony shrugs before returning to his work.

"Alright Kamille. I am finished with this, for now." Bruce shows a smile to the girl and she nods, taking the headband off her head. The lass hops down from the counter and stretches before looking to the blonde super soldier.

"Want to go grab that coffee now Steve?" Her head cocks to the right slightly as her emerald colored orbs stare at the man. He dips his head before allowing the female to exit the lab first, but he is ceased from walking when Tony puts a hand on his shoulder.

"What is it, Stark?" The soldier turns his head, locking eyes with the playboy. Tony gives the man a sly smirk.

"Come on Cap, we all know you have a thing for her." The millionaire gives Steve a look that causes him to turn his head away. "Even Bruce here knows." As he hears his name, Bruce looks up from his work and blinks a few times before closing his eyes.

"Oh well um...I just want to finish my work here. So Tony, please don't drag me into this conversation." The millionaire chuckles at the scientist before he looks back to Steve.

"Right Bruce...anyways Cap, you better tell her how you feel before it's too late." The dark haired man heads back over to his suit, a grin plastered to his face.

Steve raises a brow, confused. "What do you mean by before it's too late?" His blue orbs narrow as Tony gives a sigh.

"She departs for her mission tomorrow Cap. Did you not know?" Tony raises his brow to the soldier before getting back to work. Steve stands there with a shocked face, but soon shakes his head and exits the lab to find Kamille.

After finding the girl, the two of them had coffee in the break room. Steve stood against the counter as Kamille sat in a chair, sipping her cup of coffee.

"I can't believe you got called to do another mission. Didn't you just finish one?" Steve said after sipping his coffee. The dark brunette kept her eyes closed and nodded.

"Yeah, but I suppose that's the life of an agent here. No matter, I'll finish it quickly and come back in time to celebrate my big day." The female shows a smile before glancing to the soldier.

"Big day...? Oh! You mean your birthday." The blonde smiles as Kamille nods. She takes another sip of her hot drink before setting the cup down on the table.

"It's in four days, which gives me more than enough time to complete my mission. I just hope Tony doesn't go overboard with the party." She lets out a small sigh before standing up. "I'm sorry, but we will have to continue our coffee time some other day Steve. Fury has instructed me to get myself ready."

Steve looks down, closing his eyes and nodding. He then quickly opens them as the girl plants a small peck to his cheek. Crimson flushes his face and as she walks off he scratches his cheek as a grin forms on his face.

|Chapter One|
First chapter of my book •|Her Soldier In Blue Armor|•
Feel free to give feedback on it.

I don't own Marvel, but I do own my OC Kamille Andeson
Kamille Anderson by silverwolf900
Kamille Anderson
Kamille is my Avengers OC. Been in that kind of mood ever since Age of Ultron came out. She is able to manipulate metals and create high pitched noises, but an electrical device has to be within earshot for it to work effectively. If you didn't already get her shirt, she adores Steve aka Captain America.

I used a base to do this, but I own Kamille. Just not the base.
Goofy Bro and I by silverwolf900
Goofy Bro and I
My little bro is goofy, but don't think I ain't goofy either.


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Hello fellow deviants, my name is Kyleigh. I specialize in drawing people, some animals, and foods, traditionally though, I do have a scanner so I'll put up some of my drawings. I have wonderful friends.Right now I rather do Art Trades because nobody likes expensive Commissions but mine are only a point or two.. IF YOU TAG ME IN YOUR JOURNAL, THEN PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE ABOUT IT SO I KNOW TO TAG OTHERS
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